We proudly represent over 100 artists and artisans from across Canada. Their inspired creativity and well-honed craftsmanship will surely delight seekers of quality Canadian craft and original art.

Used daily, objects made by hand with skill and devotion lift our spirit and soothe our soul; ultimately, they become the treasured touchstones and heirlooms of our tomorrows.


Barb Sachs

Dundas, Ontario
Raku artist Barb Sachs is inspired by the natural forms of the animal world and the glazing effects produced by raku firing. She employs many hand-built techniques including folding and shaping thick sheets of rolled clay, in an origami-like method, to produce hollow sculptural forms. These forms lend themselves to the demands of raku firing that creates the crackled, aged quality to Barb’s pieces.

Barb’s signature polar bears have been presented by the Canadian government to various heads of state including Her Majesty the Queen and Nelson Mandela.


Stinson Studios

Tamworth, Ontario
Don Stinson and son Jesse have a close relationship to nature in rural Ontario. Their bowls and burls represent a unique balance between the human desire to impose our will on nature and the individual character of the material. The Stinsons have an unparalleled artistic eye for highlighting the natural beauty of wood; their pieces grace homes and businesses around the world.

“We don’t create beauty, we reveal and accentuate what has already been inspired by nature.”


Sylvain Tremblay

Saint-Colomban, Québec
Sylvain Tremblay’s sculptural salt and pepper mills add colour, spice and conversation to both kitchens and dining tables. He perfected his woodworking and design skills at Sheridan College and holds a bachelor’s in Design Art from Concordia University in Montreal.

Sylvain also holds the Guinness World Record for largest pepper mill! It measures 11’6″, weighs 325 pounds and is displayed at Via Allegro Restaurant in Toronto.


Scott Barnim

Dundas, Ontario
Scott’s career began as a production studio apprentice and finished with a MFA in ceramics from the University of Wales. His whimsical and brilliantly-coloured work is in public and private collections internationally. Scott insists that pottery should be used in our daily lives. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and simply feels good!

“My goal is to create works
as uplifting to the spirit as
they are functional.”

Pizza tongs by Imagine Wood

Imagine Wood

Combermere, Ontario
These handcrafted utensils are made of Rock Maple, a nickname for the mineral section of the sugar maple tree that grows in northern Ontario and Quebec. Rock Maple is both strong and durable, possesses antibacterial properties and, because of its density, doesn’t stain from food.

Imagine Wood’s utensils deftly combine form and function with their ergonomic and elegant designs.
Shown: salad tongs & ergonomic pizza cutter

Bracelet by Barb MacDonald

Barbara MacDonald

Paris, Ontario
Trained as a graphic artist, Barbara comes from a family of artists and craftspeople. She is inspired by the many colours, shapes and textures of glass beads, semi-precious stones and crystals which she weaves to create her gorgeous ‘Dragon’ bracelets.

With their fabulous scaly, metallic sheen and undulating shape, the bracelets take 20-30 hours to create and are born with their own stories. Many of the stitches Barb uses are rooted in the ancient beadweaving histories of Europe, Africa and North America.


Larch Wood

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
These mesmerizing ‘end-grain’ cutting boards are made from native Larch (Tamarack) trees. Noted for its rot resistance, strength and ability to neutralize bacteria, Larch has all the characteristics needed to produce a superior cutting surface.

Larch Wood’s cutting boards are praised by professional chefs as works of functional art.

Karen Gunna Leather Jewellery

Karen Gunna

Toronto, Ontario
Distinctive leather jewellery and accessories (see Leather section) made from a careful blend of appropriate leathers, durable hardware and indestructible thread that will stand the test of time.

Janine Marson Ferns

Janine Marson

Huntsville, Ontario
Janine loves to paint her sheer joy and wonder of nature. An award-winning artist, Janine is a muralist for The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery in Huntsville, Dwight and area. Her creative gift and support of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation are a form of stewardship and a call to protect and preserve her Muskoka environment.

Dorset Lookout Tower

Golriz Scarves

Massoud Golriz

Montréal, Quebec
Massoud Golriz’s hand painted, pure silk and wool scarves have a soft, lyrical quality to them, with their stylized silhouettes of nature and blend of vibrant colours.

Golriz studied painting at the École National Supérieure de Beaux-Arts de Paris, France and also holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the Université de Montréal. He is currently a Professor of drawing at the Université de Montréal.

Garneau Slippers

Garneau Slippers

Asbestos, Quebec
For over 35 years, Garneau sheepskin slippers have enveloped feet with clouds of love, outstanding comfort and quality. Working with sheepskin and fine leathers, artisan designer François Garneau creates sheepskin slippers according to long-held traditions.

By making these slippers by hand, Mr. Garneau ensures their softness, fit and superior quality, while the wool naturally wicks away moisture and regulates temperature. Your feet will seriously love you.

Carole Rudderham Painting

Carole Rudderham

Huntsville, Ontario
Carole is an award-winning painter
who is most definitely inspired
by our gorgeous Muskoka

Carole is recognized for her
dedication to promoting the visual
arts in Muskoka and teaches
painting in her home studio just
north of Huntsville.


Barry Dicks, SCA

Peterborough, Ontario

Working in both watercolour and acrylic, Barry is a multi-award winning member of the East Central Ontario Art Association and an Associate of the Society of Canadian Artists. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast, kayaker and hiker and this emotional bond to Ontario’s rugged wilderness inspires his landscapes. Barry’s work can be found in permanent collections across the globe.

“I interpret the world to intensify colour and eliminate detail, creating an impressionistic quality where design and colour dominate.”


Ralph Heather

Paris, Ontario
Ralph is an award-winning visual artist and graphic designer who holds a degree from Sheridan College. The energetic brushstrokes of impressionist painters have been a lifelong influence. Ralph pursues the same exciting energy in the chisel strokes of his limited edition, hand-pulled prints.

“I enjoy the pleasure of hand carving wood that is locally sourced and resonates to the area as well as the unique experience of creating each print by hand.”


Stephen Robinson

Kingston, Ontario
Stephen Robinson is a self-taught wood carver who draws inspiration from constant study in Algonquin Park. His carvings of loons and owls are strikingly life-like and detailed.

Each sculpture is a true original, hand carved from a single piece of basswood using traditional chisels and gouges. Stephen then adds feather details using a wood-burning tool. Finally, he paints each bird’s distinctive markings by hand.


Joe Speck

Jordan Station, Ontario
Joe’s All-Sorts line and pot melt disks are award-winning, dramatic works of functional and decorative art. His whimsical robots and line of Christmas decorations are fab fun!

Joe was a successful poultry farmer before devoting himself to art glass. He was bit by the “glass bug” after taking an introductory stained glass course. He subsequently completed glass courses at Sheridan College and furthers his craft through constant experimentation and workshops with renowned North American glass artists.


Rain Goose

North Vancouver, British Columbia
All Rain Goose products are designed by artisan Jocelyne Mange. These quality linens are functional and modern with a simplicity and boldness in design that makes them timeless and lasting home accessories.

Jocelyne has a BA in French from Simon Fraser University and has studied printmaking, sculpture and silk screen design at Emily Carr College of Art and Ecole de Beaux Art in Geneva.


Chris Van Zanten

Pakenham, Ontario
Chris is a multi-disciplined glass artist who began his formal art education at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. He also studied in Corning, NY at the studios of various renowned glass artists. The nature of his work is evolutionary and designed to engage the beholder with the age-old dance with fire.
“I find a new horizon each time I look into the radiance of my 2100 degree glass furnace. It has become the fire in my bones.”


Our Exclusive Line

Designed by original owner John McConnell, The Muskoka Collection is a beloved keepsake for locals, visitors and cottagers alike. Symbolic of the Muskoka landscape, a lone windswept pine stands before a calm lake with rolling hills in the background.

Available in sterling, sterling with gold tree or solid gold, this collection celebrates weddings, anniversaries, graduations and special birthdays; it’s also a favourite with ladies on a girlfriends’ getaway.


Manifest Design

Montréal, Quebec
Virginie Planas creates colourful and lightweight anodized aluminum art jewellery and objects. An electro-chemical treatment gives the aluminum a hard, porous shell which is dyed, hand-painted and sealed with heat. This process makes the material waterproof, durable and hypoallergenic.

Virginie was born in France where she graduated from l’École des Beaux-Arts.
Shown: eyeglass holder, barrette, stud earrings


Miranda Britton

Utterson, Ontario
Inspired by the landscape and history of her rural surroundings, Miranda uses traditional hand fabrication tools and techniques to carefully craft precious metals, found objects and natural materials into tiny works of art for the body.

Miranda’s work possesses a rustic yet modern aesthetic, with natural imperfections embraced as part of the process and evidence that each piece has been made, one at a time, by hand.
Shown: Ladder series


John Doherty

Port Hope, Ontario (via England)
John Doherty is a story teller who uses his brush to paint the tale.
A graduate of the Kingston College of Art in London, England, John illustrated Arthurian legends before emigrating to Canada in 1982.

The stories and legends of the First Nations people – and their relationship to nature – has inspired him ever since. John’s design background is evident in his use of geometric patterns, bold colour and stylized imagery.


Timothy Smith

Wiarton, Ontario
In 1986 Timothy was studying electrical engineering at University of Toronto when his wife-to-be gave him pottery lessons for Christmas. It was love at first pot! After graduating from UT, he went to Sheridan College for a three year ceramics program. Timothy has owned and operated Gleason Brook Pottery since 1999.

“I hope my pots are filled with admirable qualities – Usefulness, Simplicity, Strength, Humility. I believe that living with objects of utilitarian beauty can enhance the enjoyment of each day. I try to make pots which satisfy that belief.


Sue Goossens

Otterville, Ontario
Sue’s paintings are infused with a fluid mix of rich, saturated colours. She seems to exude little control over the paint on paper as the beauty of the Ontario landscape surfaces in the staining.

“Everything starts with my camera – capturing the composition. I enjoy the process of observing my surroundings and interpreting
them on a blank piece of water-
colour paper.”

Shown: Boulder Shore


Inspired Soap Works

Whitby, Ontario
The product names say it all: blissful, soothing, serenity and detox. These handcrafted bath fizzies and loofah soap slices are biodegradable, 100% vegetable based and free of SLS, parabens and synthetic fragrance. All Inspired Soap Works products are vegan friendly. A small treat that makes a big difference!

Our passion is to provide our customers with natural products that will help inspire their day.


Wayne Cardinalli

Mississauga, Ontario
Wayne Cardinalli graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art over 40 years ago with a MFA in ceramics and has been a professional potter ever since. His production pieces are magically textured and energetically painted while his studio teapots have garnered international acclaim.

Wayne teaches ceramics and conducts workshops, lectures, demonstrations and critiques across Canada and the United States.
“Indecently exuberant
ceramic works.”

– The Globe and Mail


Bee Glo

Lanark, Ontario
Cindy & Norm Forget make 100%
non-toxic, non-carcinogenic beeswax candles. Beeswax candles burn hotter, brighter, longer and cleaner than conventional candles.

Beeswax produces a multi-level vibration that calms the inner senses. This vibration can be seen in the golden halo surrounding the flame.

Sweeten your rooms with the
pure scent of honey.


Camp Ho-Ba-Chee

Warkworth, Ontario
Camp Ho-Ba-Chee (Lesley Blayney and Robin Eecloo) created Guest Confessions after finding Lesley’s grandmother’s guestbook. It is particularly interesting because guests answered questions that give us a snapshot into their 1900s era. “Who would you most like to have dinner with?” Benjamin Franklin and Graham Bell were some of the answers.

Camp Ho-Ba-Chee updated some of the questions but stayed true to the original intent. This is a great way to find out about your guests or spark conversation around the campfire!


Victoria Ceramics

Mississauga, Ontario (via Kiev)
Victoria Kovaleva studied ceramics in Kiev, Ukraine and St. Petersburg, Russia before emigrating to Canada. She is inspired by nature and particularly her own garden which is a magnificent display of flowers and foliage.

Victoria’s playful illustrations are complemented by the vibrancy of her glazes. They are like mouthwatering gumdrops – positively juicy with colour.


JR. Franco

Montréal, Quebec
The natural meets the industrial in JR. Franco’s line of anodized aluminum jewellery. This artist of Spanish origin is inspired by architecture and fascinated with the idea of giving life to the simplest forms.

All pieces are hypoallergenic, extremely lightweight and maintenance free as aluminum doesn’t tarnish.


Cheeky Bee

Warkworth, Ontario
Cheeky Bee’s 100% pure, solid, signature dripped beeswax candles are as addictive as they are stunning. They burn clean and for a very long time. Additionally, beeswax candles don’t smoke, drip or burn down the centre.

Cheeky Bee begins with the finest Canadian cappings wax: the sweetest, golden, unadulterated beeswax of the hive. The wax is then triple filtered to ensure it’s cleanliness. After the core is wicked, Cheeky Bees lovingly hand drip each individual candle. Their ivory line is pollen-free and ideal for scent-free fans or those with allergies.


Muskoka Jewelry

Orrsville, Ontario
Eldo Baumeister began her jewellery career in Germany. She then worked
for prestigious design studios
Costen Catbalue in Vancouver and
The Goldsmiths in Calgary before opening her own studio.

Eldo’s Muskoka Jewelry collection exudes her love of northern Ontario. Windswept trees, Inukshuks, canoes, kayaks, paddles, loons and moose are meticulously fabricated in sterling silver. Eldo’s pieces are the perfect way to symbolize your love of Muskoka or to remember a special visit to this area.


Fairthorne Metal

St. Marys, Ontario
Vic Fairthorne graduated in Industrial Design from the Ontario College of
Art and Design. He then moved into industry as a consultant, designing and developing products for the consumer market. In 1977, Vic opened his own Toronto studio where his wife Gayle soon joined him.

Each piece is hand cut and hammered from solid brass, copper or aluminum and soldered or welded; the colour is individually air brushed. The plaques and ornaments reflect a strong statement of design through textures and simple yet sophisticated forms.


André Ouellet

St-Narcisse, Quebec
André has designed and produced original leather bags since 1976.
Self-taught, his stylish handbags are distinguished by their rich feel and colour, practicality and durability.

Each purse is hand made from the finest cowhide leather, heavy-duty zippers and a quality fabric lining to ensure your bag will last. Multiple interior and exterior pockets allow you to compartmentalize all of your necessities without noticeable bulk.



Halifax, Nova Scotia
Eleanor Kure’s award-winning* Pillowcase Painting Kits keep little hands busy on a rainy day at the cottage.
The kit includes a pillowcase with pre-printed design, a brush and non-toxic, professional-quality fabric paint.

A hot iron sets the paint and the colours stay vibrant for years. These special pillowcases inspire both creativity and sweet dreams at the cottage or at home.

*Winner of the Neighbourhood
Toy Stores Gold Star Award for
top-quality, imaginative products
with lasting appeal.


Maxwell Pottery

Mattawa, Ontario
Daniel and Jodi Maxwell launched their handmade stoneware company in 1991. Unique designs, bright colors and impeccable craftsmanship have made Maxwell Pottery one of Canada’s pre-eminent production studios.

Daniel studied and worked at Sheridan College School of Craft and Design in Oakville, ON for nine years and is the creative force while Jodi’s organizational skills manages the business.

Maxwell Pottery’s contemporary canoe and rowboat series is a favourite with cottagers and visitors who want to remember their trip to Muskoka.


Thorpe Toys

Waterloo, Ontario
Jerry and Rosemary Thorpe have made high-quality, wooden toys for over 30 years. Their traditional learning toys, such as Mouse & Cheese, teach hand-eye coordination; their balloon-powered boats teach basic scientific principles and the bug boxes promote all sorts of investigation.
Thorpe Toys are free from paint, stain, varnish and oils, providing your children with safe, non-toxic, BPA-free and eco-friendly toys. You and your child can bring your own creativity to customizing the toys any way you want.
Thorpe Toys are fun, durable
and well-loved!


Lynn Chidwick

Guelph, Ontario
Lynn obtained a Masters of Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto. After working in the field for a number of years, she realized her passion for art, specifically, stained glass.

Inspired by nature and influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Deco and Art Nouveau, Lynn’s original abstractions draw from the essence of these rich and varied traditions; her bending and blending of colour and light elevate the spirit. Lynn’s commissioned pieces can be found in residences, offices, churches and hospitals.


Driftwood Studios

London, Ontario
Paul Kane crafts boxes from native wood found in the waters of Canada. The diversity of hard and soft woods – from the spectacular bright yellow of the sumac to the deep rich aroma and colour of red cedar – is reflected in each functional piece.

Driftwood boxes come in a variety of sizes with a single compartment or multiple drawers.


Barb TenEycke

Oakville, Ontario
After a lifetime of weekending in cottage country, Barb TenEycke has a reverence for the diverse landscape of Ontario.

“When painting the Canadian landscape, my main interests are elemental; water, rocks, trees, skies. I am particularly drawn to the way light interacts with these elements. Movement is an aspect I strive to convey in a painting.”


Anvil Island Design

Nanaimo, B.C.

Vancouver Island is home to Anvil Island Design and the studio/workshop of metal artist Jack Willoughby.

Jack is well known in Canada and the U.S. for his unique, humorous and whimsical designs using steel, aluminum, copper and iron.

Shown: First Nations Raven.
A collaboration with Coast Salish
artist Noel Brown.


Diane Stewart

Blind River, ON
At first glance, the depth and playful light in Diane Stewart’s pieces are impressive. On closer inspection, impressed gives way to sheer amazement when you discover that
each ‘painting’ is composed of thousands of pieces of individually, hand-cut pieces of fabric.

Shown: Reaching Up


Pat Lawson

Lynden, ON

Pat makes rugs, mats and wall hangings with reclaimed, 100% wool fibres that she cuts into strips and hand-hooks through linen. Pat loves the process of finding and collecting discarded garments and blankets that she washes, sorts and stores by colour. Like a painter, these textiles become Pat’s palette as she gives them new life as visual art.

“I take my inspiration from Canada’s landscape to create original designs that reflect places special to me.”


Stephen Orlando

Waterloo, ON

Stephen is fascinated with capturing motion through time and space. Using LED lights with custom color patterns and long-exposure photography, he’s able to tell the story of movement in a single photograph.

This technique reveals beautiful light trails created by paths of familiar objects – like kayak paddles. These light trails have not been artificially created with Photoshop and represent the actual paths of the objects.

Hambone Lake, Algonquin Park

Robert Cathcart

Robert Cathcart

Toronto, ON

Robert left the advertising industry in 2010 to pursue his passion for painting. A self-taught oil painter, he uses broad brush strokes and vibrant colours to capture his vision in its most simplistic form.

Robert’s inspiration comes from the Canadian landscape and its natural creations of colours, shapes and textures.

Shown: Algonquin, 36″x36″, oil


Marie-Joël Turgeon

Bedford, QC
Marie-Joël first touched clay at the age of 15. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, she realized her passion for this medium was still strong.

Marie-Joël’s decorative pieces and dishware are inspired by the American east coast.